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Speaking of Purpose...

When the topic of purpose comes up, it seems there's a lot to say. 

Diane believes that purpose is all about creating a life you're passionate about. A life you love. A life that gives back, that matters, and that preserves what's important.

A few of the topics Diane is prepared to speak on:

  • Your Health

    • Nutrition

    • Wellness

    • Fitness

  • Night Sky Preservation

    • Outdoor Lighting Design

    • Wildlife 

    • Heritage

  • Business Logistics 

    • Management​

    • Team Building

    • Marketing

    • Leadership

  • Parenting through Purpose

    • Owning a Business while Parenting

    • Playful Parenting

  • Guest Lecturer 

    • PreK​

    • Elementary 

    • Middle School

    • High School

    • Post-secondary

    • Continuing education

Diane can be contacted for topics beyond this list. Get in touch for availability.

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