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Everything Speaks! Even Touch.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

  1. The carpet, the paint, wall decor

  2. Your employees name tag, their uniform,

  3. Signage, and the parking lot!

Where does the experience for your customer begin? At the front desk? At the front door? I say, at the parking lot. Once they can see your front door their experience with you has begun. Is your sidewalk free of debris or ice?

Evaluate your business from all 5 senses.

I owned a gym for almost a decade. My gym had lavender and sweet orange diffused in the fitness studio. Nothing will make someone want to quit sooner than working out in a dirty, smelly gym. How does your business smell? What tastes can you incorporate? We had mints and mouth wash on hand near the changing room, along with protein on the go. What does it look like, is it clean and orderly? What does it feel like? Is it cramped or flowing? What sounds do you hear? Do you play fitting background music. Is it loud or inaudible? Keep in mind the optimal metrics for the 5 senses might vary throughout the day. For example, we played softer music earlier in the day and closed the blinds in the afternoon so it wouldn't get too hot working out near the windows.

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