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Chronicles of an Entrepreneur: Marketing 101

How do you grow an active client base? It all comes down to marketing. There are multi-faceted ways to market, television, radio, billboards...but how do you know that it's working? And is it work for you? When it comes to marketing you can spend time, you can spend money or you can spend both. If you have more time, then join networking groups, host open houses and work booth style events. If you have more of a budget to work with then perhaps it's more worthwhile for you to spend that on clicks, codes, and content. Either way, track it.

The Not-So-Secret Formula:

10; 3-2-1 x 7 = minimum.


Treat every client like you would your first-ever client and never lose momentum. Once you have customers, they are your best source for new customers.

Here’s how the formula works:

  1. Let's say you're looking for 1 client.

  2. You need 10 leads. The 10; 3-2-1 rule assumes that out of 10 leads, 3 will book an appointment becoming a prospect, 2 will show up and 1 will sign up to become your new client. But it doesn't stop there!

  3. Each prospect needs to hear or see you 7 times before they become interested or even know what you offer. Therefor, to get 10 leads you need to put out 70 impressions (Assuming each lead sees that specific impression 7 out of 7 times - which really isn't realistic. So the point here is that you will feel like you are telling the whole world over and over who you are and it won't seem like anyone is tracking. Keep going. Business ownership isn't for the faith of heart.

  4. Looking for more than 1 client? Do the Math.

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