Diane Knutson

Mother, Entrepreneur, Dark Sky Activist, Speaker

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  • Nebraska Star Party
  • Night Sky Series in Sioux Falls
  • Night Sky Series in Sioux Falls

Why Lights Out

Save Money

Turning down our lights saves money for cities, businesses, and families.


As a child, Diane was fascinated with space. She grew up beneath the transcendent light of the stars, imagining the role that the Earth played in our universe and the lessons we might learn through space exploration. But she realized light pollution affected our relationship with the cosmos.

“As we light up the night, we block out our view of the solar system, galaxy and universe. We exchange our view of the universe for our view of billboards, bridges and buildings. It’s self-centered. Lighting not only neglects but threatens nocturnal habitat. As humans we need to shift into living in harmony with nature’s elements and embracing the night to experience the wonderful benefits it provides.”

Diane’s love of the natural world led her to become a National Park Ranger at Wind Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2008 where she witnessed the excessive illumination of the night sky by Rapid City lights, 50 miles away.

As Diane explains, “The Rapid City skyglow blocks out the visibility of stars for hundreds of miles. I wanted to find a way to protect our dark skies.”

I wanted
to find a way
to protect our dark skies.”

Meet Luna

Our mascot, Luna, helps remind us about the impact our lights have on nocturnal life like owls.


To keep our ecosystems in balance, and protect these creatures, we must turn off or cap our lights. Adopt Luna and help support the Dark Skies project.


Contact Diane

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