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Diane Knutson

mother, entrepreneur, speaker, dark sky advocate

Life On Purpose

Living life "On Purpose" is about more than living a good life. It's about living a life that makes you come alive.  It's why you're alive. 


How do you define success?

"Fulfilling your life's mission. Relentlessly pursuing your purpose." -Diane B. Knutson

A Key Scripture?

Psalm 19: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of his hands...night after night they communicate knowledge."


Whether you're looking to improve your business methods or save the night sky, Diane is available for coaching and speaking "On Purpose."

In 2015 Diane was crowned Mrs. Corporate America Rapid City. Competing at the national pageant provided the opportunity to raise awareness about the Dark Sky Movement and the problems created by light pollution. Competing gained Diane new skills in communicating and connecting with others about her life’s work.

In 2016 Diane spoke at the TEDxRapidCity conference “Moments of Impact”. Her TED Talk “Why We Need Darkness To Survive” speaks about the importance of the Night Sky Preservation.

Schedule a time to meet with Diane to talk about your project, event, or plan.


Sometimes, it's all about having the right people involved.

Meet Diane

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Dark Sky Advocate, Speaker, Friend.

Diane is passionate about the best things in life.


She is a motivated, self-starter, who has helped others be their best in life. From entrepreneurs to those looking to get fit and stay healthy, Diane finds solutions, helps others implement them, and encourages them to stay the course.

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